How to Fix a DVD or CD Drive Not Working or Missing in Windows 10

The available layouts will depend on the width of your display, but the feature is now even easier to make use of. Every time Microsoft updates the Windows OS, some users prefer to stick to the older version since they are more familiar with it and are worried that it will change the settings on their PC. The PC has always been a dominant gaming platform, and Microsoft is using its experience with Xbox to make PC gaming even better. The company is bringing the DirectStorage API to the PC, allowing your computer to load game data right into your GPU’s memory. Another new feature is Auto HDR, which allows games created with DirectX 11 or Download later to automatically upgrade using SDR to a much more vibrant HDR standard. Games that do this probably won’t quite looks as spectacular as those built with HDR in mind, but it will certainly make for a more vibrant experience.

  • Students too have relished the powerful screenshot feature in sharing information with their peers.
  • This, though, just sends the image to the clipboard and does not save the image automatically.
  • The screen presents a slider with four levels of security, from never notify to always notify (annoying—it’ll warn you when you make your own changes).

All directory and folder-related questions and answers. How to fix lost long file names when copying or moving files. How to open, view, and edit the contents of a file on a computer. Create a new F1KeyDisable.reg file using any text editor like Notepad and save it. Put the following lines in the text file before saving.

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It’s a free and open-source app available on Microsoft Store. ShareX is an advanced screenshot tool which lets you capture the active window, selectable screenshot, dual monitor, etc. Further, it can upload the image quickly on the cloud and can provide you a shareable link. The best part is that you can take a long screenshot using the Scrolling Capture feature.

If you’re the one remote-controlling the other person’s PC, Quick Assist displays the Windows 10 desktop of the other person’s PC inside an application window. For other PnP devices, open the Windows Device Manager, right-click on the device that you are having trouble with and select the Update Driver command from the shortcut menu. Windows will help you to find a more suitable driver for the malfunctioning device. The troubleshooter may report that the device does not have Bluetooth in some cases. This is especially true if Bluetooth is disabled within the computer’s BIOS, or if you are using an external Bluetooth adapter.

Set Up OneDrive to Sync Files Across All of Your Devices on Windows 10

This method can capture and share the screenshot of the Current Active Window . If you want to capture a specific window, just click on that Window and then hit the shortcut keys. In Windows 8, it works only when an app or a picture is opened. Press the Shortcut keys after opening the app or picture. When it has finished installing, double-click on the icon found in your Start Menu under the IrfanView program group. When you open the program you will see a black window with nothing in it.

What if my computer can’t run Windows 11?

If the search box is disabled, when the Search pane can be opened by pressing the Win + S shortcut keys. While there is an enormous pool of apps to choose from, we recommend usingScreenRecfor screen capturing. This lightweight app includes all of the necessary features that we listed above and then some. With ScreenRec, you can select your capture region using the click and drag feature. The Snipping Tool is an effectively built-in Microsoft Windows screenshot tool that enables users to take screenshots without hassle and it’s available since Windows Vista.

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